Los Angeles Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Photography and Videography

YourLovelyWedding specializes in Bar and Bat Mitzvah Photography and Videography. We are familiar with Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox levels of observance. When it comes to scheduling your photography, YourLovelyWedding knows what should be done and when to do it.

YourLovelyWedding Proudly offers Bar Mitzvah photography Los Angeles, Bar Mitzvah videography Los Angeles for Jewish Bar / Bat Mitzvah. YourLovelyWedding also works in San Diego, Irvine, La Jolla, Del Mar , Carlsbad, Orange County, New Port beach, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

We are a one stop shop for your Jewish Weddings, Bat / Bar Mitzvah Event, Quinceañera Party, Debut Event and Corporate Party.

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